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Fly On The Wall at the Diane Olson Team During the Holidays

Posted on: December 20th, 2012

By Danielle Long of The Diane Olson Team

A lot of people think the holidays are a slow time for business. Diane Olson Team – didn’t get that memo!

I started working for Diane the day after the Thanksgiving Holiday, just one month before Christmas. I was hired to manage her marketing, but from the looks of things, she didn’t need much marketing!

The phone here in the office rings off the hook with requests for interviews, invitations to parties and events, and questions about buying real estate in Arizona. But more than anything, Canadians and other northerners call each and every day, to make solid plans to fly in and purchase their piece of the Arizona Sun.

They’re not coming to look or to think about it, or to hem and haw. They are prepared and educated, and they have complete trust in Diane and her team to help them make a good investment that will also provide years of fun times, and the lifestyle they just can’t get up North. Having been in Real Estate for more than 13 years myself, I know this is not the norm. Diane is different. Her clients are different.

“The initial response was fantastic. We just felt comfortable, and knew we didn’t have to look any further,” said Patricia Stutz, of Banff, Canada, who, along with her husband, John, put a home under contract the week before Christmas, after just one day of looking. “We had done so much research, screening ahead of time. We just knew the feel we wanted.”

Diane, a former police officer from Winnipeg, Canada, is a savvy professional who knows her clients and knows how to get them what they want. She builds rapport quickly, chatting easily with dignitaries, billionaires or regular folks, almost always finding a common acquaintance, activity or pastime. She’s like the Who’s Who Directory of Canada. And yet you are more likely to see her slim figure clad in jeans and a trendy top than a business suit. And if she didn’t know you were coming, you might even catch her in a cute little workout suit after a hard boxing workout.

Diane’s office is fast-paced and fun. Each team member has her own personality and strengths, and Diane appreciates each one. They have been carefully chosen to be her arms and legs in the field, taking care of the clients Diane has cultivated. She’s the Rainmaker. People feel like they already know her by the time they meet her. They have heard her speak at a seminar, seen a video or news clip, something in a magazine or received a raving review from a friend who worked with the Diane Olson Team.  

They come to have fun. They want a good investment. But mostly they are ready to buy a piece of our lifestyle.

And I have to admit that seeing my home town through the eyes of our Canadian friends has been a fantastic holiday treat. Instead of seeing the bustling malls, the traffic, the piles of laundry, messy house and always more work to do, I’m seeing the blue, cloudless sky, the jagged mountains that surround us, the beautiful desert, so much more colorful than most people imagine.  Through their eyes, this is a beautiful place, whether actively enjoying the outdoors while hiking or biking, or less actively sipping a cocktail on a patio overlooking city lights and mountain vistas; sloshing through the mud in an SUV to pick out the perfect home site, or sitting down at Starbucks to seal the deal,

“This isn’t a vacation,” said John Stutz, retired Mayor of the Exclusive Mountain Town of Banff. “It’s an adoption of a different lifestyle.”


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