Meet Diane Olson – CEO

What sets Canadian Diane Olson and her team apart from all others listing and/or selling Arizona real estate to Canadians is that they care about protecting the reputation they’ve all worked so hard to earn.  ”The true test of success is referrals,” said Diane Olson, “because if a client is happy, they’ll spread the word.”

A hands-on CEO, Diane oversees every transaction to ensure ‘her Canadians’ are getting exactly what they want – a positive experience in purchasing Arizona real estate.  ”Canadians come here to relax,” says she, “so they want more than the right house at the right price.  They want to feel at home which is why that’s job #1 for us.”

With the ever changing Arizona real estate market many Canadians who have purchased Arizona real estate have made a decision to sell their properties. As a listing agent, Diane has sold many homes on behalf of the Canadians and has a solid foundation and knowledge of what the foreign national seller will expect including but not limited to the income tax reporting, applicable cross border withholdings tax known as FIRPTA and costs related to the sale of real property.  “The sale of a Canadian’s property located in Arizona is much different than they experience in Canada.  There are many things to consider other than just the price of home.”

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Diane Olson

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